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Wellcome to our website! Our Ryokan have a history of  150 years.Please enjoy Echizen-gani crab (most famous brand crab) ,KAIKO-DON and many crab cuisine.And many fresh fish,shrimp and shell.Enjoy seafood delights from the Echizen region. The view of the magnificent scenery of the nearby sea, the sunset, and the fish-luring fires at night as seen from the large communal baths - hot spring  (ONSEN) - will soothe your heart.

meiji,taishyu,syouwa,heisei,reiwa since 1870 150years ago.

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you can use ALIPAY 支付宝.

Welcome to the Shoryudo
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KAIKO-DON(開高丼®) is our special. We cook 8 female crab. These are very delicious and great presentation. Wow! We will serve these from Nov to Dec. Because female crab are very special. we can catch from 6th Nov to end of Dec.Only 50 days.蔡 瀾先生(Mr. Choi3) introduced us for Hong Kong and other country.News paper and TV and more.


We will serve special crab named Echizen-gani crab Nov-May.Tease are most famous brand crab.



We are very sorry,we will conduct a product price revision from Nov 2018. Becase crab will to be expensive.


Regular size 8 femai crab  ¥14,000(include Tax) share  1-4 person

1.5 size      6 femai crab  ¥10,000(include Tax) share  1-3 person

Half size    4 femai crab   ¥ 7,000(include Tax) share  1-2 person


KAIKO-DON stale is one bawle share some person.




Wakasa-usi is one of famous brand beafe.Wakasa-usi is A5 rank up.Mituboshi-wakasa-usi (三ツ星 Tree star)is highest grade.

“Uni” is Sea Urchin, which is typically eaten fresh in our Ryokan as “Sashimi”.Please eat Sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce.

Abalone"awabi" is an expensive ingredient characterized by a firm, almost crunchy texture. "sashimi" and "stake"  is best.

Couple Rock & Beautiful Sun Set

It take about 5min on foot from our Ryokan to couple rock. There is very hot spot for couple.nice and beautiful place and very little shrine.


Sea view room & ONSENN  (温泉)

You can see very beautiful view from your room.Sun set,,black-tailed gull,fishing lights(catching squid).                    ※by weather

We are waiting with Local Sake(酒)prepared.



Sizuku しずく,88gou 八十八号 these are very special sake.

Jyunmai ginjyou 38gou 純吟三十八号 and more.

・BORN (梵)

Dan 団 I's very special.polished rice 20%,Gokuhizou daiginjyou 極秘造大吟醸,

tokisirazu ときしらず,Born Gold and more.


We have more than 10 kinds of nice sake. 


Dastusai 獺祭 is very famous saki in Japan.Yes! We have! 

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