Echizen-gani Crab 越前蟹 & Kaiko Don 開高丼

Kaiko Don is our special cuisine. We use 8 female crabs for each order of Kaiko Don.

Kaiko Don is only served from 8th November to end of December – just 50 days. It was named by Takeshi Kaiko (開高 健 a famous writer, fisherman, and adventurer).

Please make your reservation and try it soon!


Echizen-Gani (Echizen male Snow crab caught in Fukui Prefecture) is the king of winter delicacies in the coastal area of Echizen. The fishing season begins around the time cold seasonal winds start to blow. The fishing port becomes infused with nutrients, and fishermen can catch fresh Echizen-Gani crab with a trawl net.

Echizen-Gani are male snow crabs; Seiko-Gani are female snow crabs.

There are many ways to cook Echizen-Gani - from Arai (sashimi), Yude (boiled), Yaki-gani (grilled), Kaiko-Don (開高丼), and Kora-yaki (grilled in the shell).

Echizen-Gani season is sure to please those who appreciate good food.


Full Course of Echizen crab: 

From top-left:  Kaiko-Don, Boiled Echizen Crab, Baked Crab, Sashimi-Kani, Tukimi-Gani, 

Sashimi-Shrimp, Kora-Yaki, Mizore-Kani, Kani-Miso


※Kaiko-Don (only 7th Nov -end of Dec.)

※This photo is for illustrative purposes, and products vary in appearance. 


We serve crab congee (porridge, 蟹粥) instead of Kaiko-Don for our crab course from Jan – Mar. 

Our Ryokan has been certified by Echizen Fisheries Cooperative.

We guarantee the use of only real Echizen Crab.

Our original special crab cuisine

Crab osashimi 蟹の刺身

Baked crab 焼蟹

Crab with seat vinegar 蟹甘酢

Otsukim crab 月見蟹

Crab Innards 蟹黄 蟹味噌

Grilled crab shell 蟹甲羅焼き

Crab congee(porridge) 蟹粥

Kikou-don & osashimi

Kaiko-don & Echizen-gani crab

male & female crab 雄蟹&雌蟹

 Female crab 雌蟹

Crab cuisine  蟹料理


Wakasa beef has been relished since the Meiji Period. Its high meat quality and good taste that has been maintained over a long time has come to be known nationwide. 

The quality of Wakasa beef is strictly classified from grades 1 - 5. Only high quality beef over the fourth grade is sold as Wakasa beef. Why does Wakasa beef have high quality? Meat quality depends on fat contained in it called sashi. The rich flavor of Wakasa beef comes from sashi contained delicately in the meat. The melt-in-your-mouth texture of sashi and sweet flavor of the meat are quite exquisite and have satisfying aftertaste. 


Wakasa-beef, Uni & Awabi very special cuisine (Apr-Oct)

Other dishes (Apr-Oct)