Sake (Japanese rice wine)

⇑ Sake flight. ¥900-(inc tax). We will select 5 kinds of sake for you.


Fukui Prefecture's fine yield of rice and abundance of clear, pure water has made it one of the nation's top sake manufacturing regions, and the rich variety of sake remain continually popular with sake fans in Japan and around the world..  

We await your arrival with Local Sake(地酒)prepared.

Japanese rice wine called Sake is made by fermenting special rice, which has less protein than the ordinary rice we eat. Fukui Prefecture is also known as a “sake" production area.

We will help you pick the best sake for your meal. Please enjoy special sake with our crab cuisine!

If you can’t decide what to drink, we recommend the sake flight. We will select 5 kinds of sake that are best suited for you.


We also serve very rare sake. “Shizuku(しずく)”, ”Hiirazu(火いら寿)”, ”Gokuhizo daiginjo(極秘造大吟醸)”, ”Dan(団)” and more. Please ask us to learn more!



Kokuryuu 黒龍

Kokuryu 黒龍 is a famous sake maker in Japan.

Sizuku(しずく), Ishidaya(石田屋), Nizaemon(仁左衛門)are very rare sake. We only get 2 or 3 bottles (720ml) of Sizuku a year.

But we also have many varieties of excellent seasonal sake.

Born 梵

Born is sold 40 over countries and highly sought after by many chefs.

Dan(団)is very special sake, made with 20% milled, polished rice

Gokuhizo-daiginjo(極秘造大吟醸)is very fruity, clear and smooth.

Born Gold is another famous sake, although not as rare. It is a medium-bodied sake with a fruity fragrance and gold colour.

Hakugakusen 白岳仙

Hakugakusen(白岳仙)is small‐quantity production maker. The sake maker himself is the president. They are excellent sakes.

Gentei akinai(限定商い)was chosen sake for first-class of JAL domestic flights in 2017. Spring Aloma is fruity and dry, and we recommend this sake to accompany a meal.


Another Dinks

Beer            ¥660-

Draft beer   ¥500-

Sake(hot)  ¥550- , 650-

Sake(cold)     ¥650- 〜

Pure sake  ¥800- 〜

Oolong        ¥220-

Juice           ¥220-

Coca Cola  ¥220-


Root Beer   ¥220-


※prices do not include tax